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 011: Using Laika For Creative Writing  with Charlene Putney and Martin Pichlmair


We're joined by Charlene and Martin, creators of Laika, an AI-powered writing tool they describe as a 'playground for language'. They share their unique approach for using Artificial Intelligence for creative writing, and make a compelling case for any writer who wants to do the same.

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 011: Thriving With AI In A Recession
with Rob Marsh and Kira Hug 


This week, we're talking about the impact of AI—and the recession—on the opportunities for creatives, including the solutions we'd recommend for anyone who wants to continue to land high paying clients.

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 010: Web 3.0 and AI Opportunities
with Jordache Johnson 


Jordache, a tech futurist and digital growth strategist, discusses the evolution of the internet, the opportunities Web 3.0 presents for creatives and entrepreneurs, and the opportunities for generative AI and the blockchain.

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 009: ChatGPT for Brand Voice
with Ami Williamson 


Ami is a brand and messaging strategist who has been using ChatGPT to define and replicate brand voice, as well as reignite her own creativity. In this episode, Ami shares her approach, and her outlook on AI's future.

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 008: Becoming An AI Marketing Specialist
with Ruth Favela 


Ruth is a AI marketing specialist who currently works with the world's leading weather and climate security platform, In this episode, she describes how she's landed multiple AI marketing positions and how other creative entrepreneurs can too. 

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 007: Wordtune for Professional Writers
with Yona Schnitzer


Yona is the content manager for AI21 Labs, the company behind the AI writing assistant, Wordtune. In this episode he showcases exactly how we can use WordTune to elevate the content we create and add 'spice' to the outputs we usually expect from Artificial Intelligence tools. 

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 006: Adapting To The Future Of AI
with Brandon Burton 


Brandon, a messaging strategist (and the producer of this show), shares the approach he's taking to stay adaptable in the fast-moving world of AI. Brandon walks us through the tools he's experimenting with, the challenges facing creative entrepreneurs, and his thoughts on the long-term impact of AI on wider society. 

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 005: How Real Writers Can Use AI
with Brad Bartlett 


Brad, an AI-empowered copywriter, shares his insights on utilizing AI-powered writing tools like Jasper and ChatGPT in the copywriting process. Brad emphasizes the importance of AI literacy, and explores the ethical considerations of using AI in content creation. 

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 004: The 'Just In Time' Approach
with Brittany Downey 


Brittany is a website strategist and minimalist marketer who's joined us to share all the ways she's using Artificial Intelligence in her business. She breaks down how she manages the overwhelm that comes with AI's fast-paced changes, and reminds us why it's important to carve out time to 'play' with these tools. 

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 003: Designing An AI Personality
with Rob Lennon 

 Rob, The AI Whisperer, has been experimenting with AI for years and is finally revealing what he's been working on. This episode dives into AI's ability to write a book, as well as Rob's ambitious plan to launch a podcast with a unique co-host. 

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 002: Navigating AI In Your Business
with Paul Roetzer 

 Paul is the host of The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Show and Founder & CEO of the Marketing AI Institute. He shares how AI can be used as a tool to increase efficiency and help grow your business. 

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 001: How Copywriters Can Leverage AI
with Sam Woods 

 Sam is a copywriter who’s been leveraging AI for copywriting since 2019. This episode dives into how AI is going to integrate into our personal and professional lives over the next decade, and Sam shares how copywriters can use it to their advantage, immediately. 

Meet your co-hosts for the
AI for Creative Entrepreneurs podcast 

After building our own six-figure businesses as copywriters, we founded The Copywriter Club in 2017 to help other copywriters, creatives, and brand strategists do the same.

So we launched our first podcast, The Copywriter Club, (maybe you've heard it?) to help copywriters figure out how to think bigger about their businesses.

And while the show grew into 1.5M+ downloads and over 300 episodes, we knew there was something missing in the conversation... something big. Bigger than big. 

We knew we needed to start a new conversation, for creative people like us, focused on AI and machine learning.

So we launched this show to interview experts, practitioners, and creatives who can try to help us understand the ever-changing AI landscape. The goal: help creatives  take advantage of the latest AI tools to maximize focus, creativity, and profitability.

So who the heck are we when we're not geeking out over AI? Glad you asked...

Hey there, we're Kira Hug and Rob Marsh...

Rob's been writing winning copy since the 90s for companies like Cedar Sinai Hospital, United Healthcare, Publicis, and Hewlett-Packard. He has an MBA and has been part of three start-ups. So he has "big company," "startup," and "agency" experience. He knows a thing or two about finding clients and running a successful business.

Kira is obsessed with behavior design... She’s a licensed Tiny Habits Coach who specializes in personality-driven launch copy. She’s worked in-house with global brands like Estee Lauder, startups like, non-profits, and well-known online brands & personalities.

Together, we help creatives navigate the world of AI, land more clients, design no-brainer offers, & build profitable creative businesses.

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